Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Looking for Inspiration

So, I've been a little MIA in the kitchen the past few days. Between work and rest (yes...or laziness may be a better way to put it) I just haven't had the time to cook. I do have several recipes in the works for this week, so those posts will come. However, I thought I'd start an "ideas" list on this blog. This list will be all the recipes I have on the back burner and will, hopefully, make their rotation into my kitchen. I admit, I am not a good cook in the sense of creativity. I rarely (there have been a few occasions) have been able to look at a set of ingredients and come up with some magical dish that is purely my own. My way of cooking? I take other recipes from cooks, websites, magazines, etc. and make a few of my own changes to them. If you notice, most of the recipes you find here are from other places. Maybe someday this will give me enough practice to be my own food artist and create a masterpiece. Until then, I'm happy to use the wisdom of others to please my stomach! Check out the list of recipes that I'll be trying soon, and maybe you can find one to try!

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