Thursday, November 1, 2007

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

I know it is only the first weekend in November, but I am (and have been for the past two weeks now) preparing what will be our family's Thanksgiving feast. My brother J will be in town for "Thanksgiving" this weekend (actual Thanksgiving weekend was too expensive to fly), and thus I am expected to pull together turkey and all. Last year's Thanksgiving was amazing- yes, I will fully pat myself on the back for it since I think I did a rockin' turkey. All my side dishes came out perfect too! The only thing I didn't do last year- the pumpkin cheesecake. That was from the Cheesecake Factory. This year, I am determined to trump last year's feast. AND, what will help, is that this year I am making the dessert- pumpkin pie with crunchy cranberry topping. My mouth is watering, Thanksgiving recipes to come soon!

Last year's Thanksgiving

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