Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lazy with Asian Flair

A and I have been more busy than lazy, really. I think we have had one weekend at home together in a few months. Between small trips and A's grad school, it's been non-stop moving around! I can't complain too much since I like having somewhere to go. However, it has made me that much more tired during the week, which means less cooking. I have been making a lot of quick and simple dinners that are also light for the summer heat. Since I don't indulge my Asian side too much, I try to experiment with the most basic of Asian ingredients. The recipe calls for toasted sesame seed oil and kimchi- both staples in the Korean household. Kimchi can be an acquired taste if you're not used to it, but I've been eating it since I was a child. I love it! The tangy and spicy cabbage just adds a nice kick to an Asian dish, especially this very simple one.

This one has been a recent favorite go-to of mine since it takes no more than a handful of ingredients and ten minutes to prepare. It is my favorite form of comfort food- noodles, veggies, and kimchi. As usual, I pieced together several recipes so I can't take full credit for the dish. The picture is a bit sloppy due to hunger and my old clunker of a camera.

Sesame Noodles

The measurements will vary on how much you make. I am going to base it on 1 serving, since I usually just make a small bowl for me.

1 serving of udon noodles (dried or fresh), the amount would be about 1 1/2 in. in diameter if dried
2 cups frozen Asian stir fry veggies (I like the one with edamame.)
1 tbsp sesame seed oil
1 tbsp good soy sauce
1/2 cup chopped kimchi

Cook udon noodles until chewy all the way through. At the same time, stir fry veggies with just a little olive oil and water to be sure they heat and cook. You don't want mushy, watery, or oily veggies. Once both are done, mix noodles, veggies, sesame seed oil, soy sauce, and kimchi all together in a bowl. You can add as much soy sauce and sesame seed oil as you want if you need a stronger flavor. I usually like it pretty light. See! Easy and so very good!

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