Monday, June 9, 2008

Back to Business

Okay...I fully admit that I've been lazy this past weekend. Well, really it's been a month of eating lots of pizza and tacos and pasta, then travelling and being sick in between them all. We actually ate a good share of spaghetti and I usually had leftovers sitting around for a few days. Don't get me wrong...leftovers are great! They're especially great when you need to take something to work for lunch each day. What I don't like is eating the same meal again for dinner the next night. I'm high maintenance like that.

So what do you do with leftover spaghetti? Turn it into spaghetti pie! I've seen this recipe done by several Food Network folks. I just combined them all to make this one. It is such a great (and cheap) way to use up leftover pasta!

Leftover Spaghetti Pie

your leftover spaghetti
1 egg, beaten
1-2 cups (depends on how much leftovers you have) of mozzarella cheese and Parm cheese together (or Italian cheese blend)
chopped basil or Italian flat leaf parsley for the top

In a big zip lock bag mix the egg and cheese together with the leftover pasta. Shake around the zip lock to make sure everything is coated. Over medium heat, put in the spaghetti mixture so that it is a flat and rounded pile in a non-stick or very well-oiled (olive oil, of course) large pan. Don't touch it! Let it cook in the pan for about 10-15 minutes, or until the bottom is brown and crusty (the cheese and egg will bind it together for you). Then, place a large plate or cutting board over the pan and flip the pan over. The top will now be at the bottom of the plate/ cutting board and the browned part will be at the top. Carefully slide the pie back on to the pan so you can brown the other side (another 10 minutes or so). When it's done put onto a plate, top it with chopped herbs, and cut in slices.


kbd said...

Great photo. You have a great eye, Ms Art Director.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!